Our Top Six Favourite Joomla Template Providers

This is our list of Preferred Joomla Template Resources.

These are companies we've dealt with or have had positive experiences with and are willing to recommend.

Sometimes it can be tough weeding through the spam sites and the sites with repeat content so we thought we'd give our s up to a few.


Joomlashack is one of the most popular theme sites that provides  free and premium themes for various versions of Joomla.

They also have a number of extensions and learning resources available.


YOOtheme is a premium theme provider, they offer a number of themes with monthly releases as well as some other tools such as Zoo (a catalog system for Joomla) and some extensions.


Another theme site that provides some great extensions, free and premium Joomla templates. Rockettheme does monthly releases typically on the first of each month.


Joomla template club featuring a number of unique templates. Also a few extensions available.


Joomla template site that offers both a template club and an extension club. They also have a pretty decent tutorials section.


YouJoomla is a provider of various templates and extensions via their template club.