Osmek a New Kind of CMS, Built in the Cloud

We have some exciting news to announce. Osmek is finally official, and now it's open to anyone. You can sign up instantly at osmek.com.

What is Osmek & What's so great about it?

When Kemso began building & designing sites for people we realized that one of the biggest needs for our clients was content management. We wanted to provide this so we began building our own CMS. After a year or so we realized that drastic improvements to the CMS were happening drastically fast. The problem was that there was no good way to upgrade all the CMS's we had already installed without significant time and effort. Enter Osmek. Osmek is a cloud CMS. It exists independently of the sites it manages, allowing every customer to receive the benefits of upgrades and new features.

The best part about a cloud CMS is that you can access it from anywhere. Osmek can run 1 site or 100 sites, at 100 different urls on 100 different servers. That means that if you use Osmek to manage your site, you can also use it to manage content on another site, or server at the same time. 1 single update can push out to all your locations.

It's all in the API

Osmek's API is what makes it all happen. Most services release an API to give power users access to certain parts of their offering. With Osmek, the API is the core of the service. It's how your site interacts with Osmek. The coolest part about the API is that it's uber flexible. It will give you access to just about any piece of data in your account, in just about any format you could want. JSON, XML, HTML, Serialized PHP, it's all there.

But we think the most powerful part of the API is it's template processing ability. You post a template to Osmek, and it will return it filled with the content from your account. This makes integration and site development easier and faster than ever. Learn more about template parsing at the user guide.

Get started

We'll be posting more about Osmek's features and functionality over the next several months, but the best thing you can do if you're insterested is head over to osmek.com and sign up for a free account. Give it a try! If you run into trouble, open a new discussion on our support site and we'll help you out.