One of Joomla's most memorable leaders, Louis Landry, retires from Joomla Leadership

There are plenty of people who contribute to the amazing success of the popular open source content management system, Joomla!, but none have managed to capture as much admiration as long time contributor and member of the Joomla Leadership team, Louis Landry. Without intentionally trying, Louis' name has been synonymous with Joomla! and everything the project strives to be.

Yesterday, Louis Landry announced his retirement from Joomla Leadership after years of hard work:

Hi all,

As i've told most of you over the last few days I am officially retiring form Joomla Leadership.  It has been an incredible journey this past 5+ years, and I thank all of you for the passion, knowledge and fun you've shared with me along the way.  We have accomplished so much as a project during my time that it boggles the mind.  To think of how immature and chaotic we were as an organization in the beginning, and where we stand today speaks volumes.

Nothing will ever be perfect in this project (or any other) and there is much to do, but I have complete confidence in you all to continue finding success on the road ahead.  I will continue to contribute heavily to the platform project when I have time, and you all know how to get in touch with me if you need something.  It has been a true honor to work with everyone over the years, I will cherish it always.



Louis, to me, has long been considered the “go to” guy for information on Joomla and how it's progressing and during “our conversation with Louis Landry” post, my admiration for this man grew immeasurably.For those who have not yet had a chance to read the above post, I strongly suggest you do so, it's a fascinating read. 

While some may consider this a great loss for the Joomla project, I consider it a great addition to the developer community and am excited to see where Louis' name shows up next.