OmniUpdate, Inc., the leading web content management system (CMS) provider for higher education, has released version 9.4 of its OU Campus(TM) CMS. This release contains a new Asset Manager that allows for the creation and use of reusable assets (e.g., text, images, media, code blocks, links, etc.) within the WYSIWYG and source code editors.

The creation and editing of assets is integrated into the OU Campus permission system, allowing administrators to manage them through group access levels. Asset Tagging is used to classify, describe, and support use of each asset within the CMS. When a user publishes an existing asset, the system will automatically update pages that utilize the asset, subject to any preferences set by the administrator to ensure optimal performance. The ability to share content across multiple websites is core to the Asset Manager’s purpose, and administrators will realize increasing benefits as their users create and share reusable content found throughout multiple websites.


Lance Merker, President and CEO of OmniUpdate, states, “Our clients are excited about version 9.4 and the Asset Manager, which was developed based on feedback received at our 2010 User Conference. The new release gives administrators much more control over reusable content, marketing managers more control over the brand, and content contributors a hands-free way to ensure content consistency across sites.”

About OmniUpdate, Inc.
OmniUpdate provides higher education institutions with enterprise-class web content management system (CMS) solutions to easily and cost-effectively manage and enhance their web presence and take advantage of the latest web technologies. The company's flagship web CMS, OU Campus, is a secure and scalable solution offering a complete feature set, extensible tools, and deployment flexibility supported by remarkable customer service and extensive community resources. More than 550 college and university websites are managed using OU Campus.

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