OmniUpdate Releases Version 9.10 of Its Web Content Management System

OmniUpdate, the leading web content management system (CMS) provider for higher education, has released version 9.10 of its OU Campus™ CMS. This release includes Image Galleries and Comments that are features of the product's Live Delivery Platform (LDP).

The LDP Image Galleries feature allows users to easily create and manage image galleries in OU Campus. Users can upload images into the gallery; provide a title, caption, and description information; and drag and drop images to modify the order. OU Campus will automatically generate thumbnails based on user-defined settings. LDP Image Galleries are centrally managed assets that can be used on multiple pages, even with a different look and feel.

The LDP Comments feature gives website visitors an opportunity to have their voice heard on the institutional website. Visitors can provide their perspective on a topic, like or dislike a page or another visitor's comment, create comment threads, and much more. Administrators have the tools to monitor all feedback, approve and moderate comments, and have Granular Control over who can input a comment.

Image galleries and interactive feedback are commonly used throughout college websites. OU Campus makes these capabilities easier to deploy using the LDP Image Galleries and Comments features. Customers may opt to use one or both features. Lance Merker, President and CEO of OmniUpdate, stated, “Our clients use a lot of image galleries. We designed the LDP Image Galleries user interface to work very differently than any other image gallery interface in the CMS market. What we've done makes it incredibly simple for users to add and manage image collections on their website — a functionality that is extremely difficult to do in other CMS products. Based on pre-release feedback, I know our customers are going to love this.”

About OmniUpdate, Inc.
OmniUpdate is the leading web content management system (CMS) provider for higher education. OmniUpdate's enterprise-class web CMS, OU Campus™, empowers institutions to effectively manage and enhance their web presence and take advantage of the latest web and mobile technologies. OU Campus is secure and scalable, offering a complete feature set, extensible tools, and deployment flexibility supported by exceptional customer service and extensive community resources. More than 550 college and university websites are managed using OU Campus.

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