Nuxeo to Provide Compatibility with Liferay Portal

 Nuxeo has announced a technology alliance with LiferayInc., provider of the enterprise-class open source portal. 

Liferay has certified the Nuxeo Platform as a content source for Liferay Portal 6.1 Enterprise Edition (EE). Both software solutions, which are Java-based and open source, are compliant with the OASIS CMIS (Content Management Interoperability Services) standard. A CMIS-based connector enables a Nuxeo content repository to interface seamlessly with the Liferay Document Repository, so that content, such as documents and images, from a Nuxeo Document Management or Digital Asset Management application, can be referenced directly by a Liferay web portal via the Liferay Documents and Media Gallery.

The new integration comes in the context of Liferay Portal 6.1’s improved document management capabilities, which allow enterprises to integrate multiple enterprise repositories, including Nuxeo, and manage and access their documents across Liferay applications. The Nuxeo Platform allows users to create, review, and manage documents, and CMIS enables this content to be accessed via Liferay Portal and other CMIS consumers. This additional interoperability with Liferay Portal means that content can remain in the Nuxeo repository, eliminating the need to copy documents from one tool to another.

“Liferay is pleased to partner with another document repository vendor that supports the CMIS standard,” said Mike Young, Liferay’s Chief Technology Officer. “The addition of the Nuxeo Platform as a content source for the Liferay platform is yet another win for our clients, who work with Liferay in mixed enterprise software environments and look to Liferay to simplify document management and access.”

Nuxeo and Liferay also both support the OpenSocial standard, so the CMIS connector makes it possible to deploy gadgets from one to the other, such as to visualize a list of Nuxeo documents from a Liferay Portal instance, or to surface Liferay-based web content in Nuxeo.

“This tested and certified connection with Liferay Portal is a compelling offer for our clients,” said Nuxeo CEO Eric Barroca. “The Nuxeo Platform is optimized for handling documents and content-centric business processes that are internal to an organization. With Liferay Portal, we offer our clients more options for how to manage documents and deliver them to portals, websites, and applications.”

The connector is now available for both the Community and Enterprise Editions of Liferay. Contact Nuxeo or Liferay for more information, or register for the webinar on April 11, 2012, for an interactive overview of the integration.