Nuxeo Releases New Version of Studio

Nuxeo, the Open Source Enterprise Content Management (ECM) platform company, today announced the availability of a new version of Nuxeo Studio, a hosted customization and configuration environment for Nuxeo platform-based applications. The newest version of Nuxeo Studio offers new features and templates to accelerate learning of the toolset, to speed implementation projects, and to further improve usability.

Nuxeo Studio is a key component of a hosted customization as a service environment, and part of the Nuxeo Connect offering. Delivered as a complete environment on the cloud, this unique environment allows users to focus on the design and development of content applications, leaving installation, upgrades, and version compatibility issues to Nuxeo.

“We are building a client solution based on Nuxeo Document Management,” said Youri Ginieys, Product Manager at Stepnet Ingénierie, a solution provider specialized in enterprise communication. “Nuxeo Studio enabled us to define content-specific lifecycles, content templates, and implement a branding scheme for a quick proof-of-concept to show our client. We’ve been able to reduce our time to delivery, and quickly understand and appreciate the extensibility of the Nuxeo platform.”

Nuxeo Studio 2.1 incorporates feedback from content application architects and developers, system integrators, and VAR partners that benefit from this toolset’s project acceleration capabilities. The new template library provides ready-made customization examples, such as workflows and document types, that Nuxeo Studio users can adapt to their projects, speeding up the learning curve and project delivery times. Other new features, such as project validation, help facilitate the use of these templates.

Highlights of Nuxeo Studio 2.1 include:

  • Project validation: a consistency check system verifies that all the configured features reference existing elements, so that errors can be handled before deployment.
  • Renaming: a component name change in one place will be automatically updated everywhere that component is used.
  • Application templates: import and modify sample templates, such as workflows and document types, rather than reinventing the wheel. Ensure validity with the renaming and project validation features above.
  • User Interface improvements: community feedback concerning general navigation and usability led to some ergonomic improvements.
  • More user action placeholders: create and edit forms now have more graphical locations for action buttons, and the document type summary now also allows for action buttons anywhere on the page.
  • Content views: configure the filter feature that is new with Nuxeo Document Management 5.4.2. A new CSV export of the content view is also now available.
  • Leverage domain-level configuration, with advanced search forms and themes.
  • Hot reload: improvements have been made to this feature that enables a single-click upload and install of Studio projects in a Nuxeo application, without restart.
  • New operations and widgets have been added to the default libraries.

For Nuxeo Connect clients, Nuxeo Studio is available on the Connect portal. The upgrade is transparent because it's on a hosted, cloud-based environment. For those who are not currently Nuxeo Connect clients, a 30-day, fully functional free trial of Nuxeo Studio is available. Sign up directly through the Nuxeo Document Management installation wizard, or at

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