Nuxeo releases latest version of popular document management software

Nuxeo have released the latest rendition of their popular Document Management software. Version 5.3 heralds some interesting changes such as support for increasingly social business applications; streamlined information access and flow of content across diverse repositories and sites; and enhanced tagging services to enrich metadata used by information workers (suggest deleting used by information workers, repetitive).

According to CEO, Eric Barroca:

The latest release of Nuxeo DM demonstrates that we are continuing to execute on our strategy: be a disruptive force and instigate change to (eliminate inefficient practices in the mainstream software industry.) inefficient practices. Nuxeo's success is measured on the strength of our product and community: high customer satisfaction rates, strategic partnerships and collaborative approaches to content-centric applications. Our product roadmap is being driven by our commitment to standards, interoperability, better integration to the Microsoft suite and integration of of the social business infrastructure. We're building content applications for 21st century business needs.

Key aspects of Nuxeo DM 5.3 include:

Standards for Social Business:
Support for OpenSocial allows the creation of gadgets to build web mashups within enterprise applications. Nuxeo DM 5.3 can serve as both publisher of gadgets as well as be an OpenSocial container, allowing the Nuxeo DM repository to host and participate in enterprise mashups.

Windows Sharepoint Services support:
Access Nuxeo DM 5.3 via Microsoft Sharepoint for basic library services. Native integration with Windows Explorer ensures information workers can use familiar browsing habits to access Nuxeo DM content and perform common file operations. Microsoft Office integration allows files to be opened or saved directly to/from Nuxeo DM and lets users see information about their content directly from the Document Panel in Microsoft Office.

SaaS-ready with Nuxeo DM Cloud Edition:
Nuxeo DM 5.3 is also available in a secure, on-demand cloud ECM offering. Organizations can get a deployment up and running in minutes with no need to invest in any costly IT infrastructure.

Federated publishing:
Centrally control and publish content to remote Nuxeo applications, file systems, HTTP servers, web portals, and more thanks to a pluggable and unified Publishing Service. It is suited to deployments with a distributed information architecture, balancing ease of publication with requirements to for content control.

Tagging Services:
Enhanced metadata capabilities ensures information workers can categorize their content in ways that make sense for average users. Tagging recommendations and tag cloud support enrich an organization's ability to describe and retrieve their information assets.

New Performance Record for Large Deployments:
Faster search and retrieval benchmarks for Nuxeo DM repositories holding several million items for hundreds of concurrent users using inexpensive commodity hardware specifications.

Email Capture Enhancements for MS Exchange and Gmail:
Improved support for email folders. Fetch email from Microsoft Exchange or Gmail to/from the Nuxeo DM 5.3 email archive folders to ensure contextual management of business communication.

CMIS Support:
Ensure true interoperability across multiple ECM, ERP and search systems, Nuxeo DM 5.3 offers a CMIS Server via an add-on component, based on the CMIS draft 0.62.

Search/Indexing Improvements: Granular metadata search and indexing allows users to find and retrieve content based on one or more fields.

Nuxeo DM is a packaged application based on the Nuxeo Enterprise Platform (Nuxeo EP), an extensible and highly-flexible open source software platform for enterprise content management . With a deep feature set and rich functionality, Nuxeo EP is increasingly being used to replace cumbersome, costly and proprietary ECM platforms. Nuxeo EP is the ECM foundation layer of the Nuxeo product suite. Organizations requiring custom content applications, software vendors wanting to embed ECM into their product offering, or development organizations building new content-enabled applications can adopt the platform, Nuxeo EP, and build upon it. The complete platform is available under popular,
business-friendly LGPL open source license.

Pricing and Availability
Nuxeo Document Management is also freely available under standard LGPL. Nuxeo provides expert developer and production support subscriptions for Nuxeo DM to simplify ongoing
maintenance, increase IT productivity and reduce deployment risks. These support subscriptions are available through the Nuxeo Connect program. Customers subscribing to Nuxeo Connect are assured of service level agreements for problem resolution, access to certified patches, value-added monitoring and management tools, and full updates in accordance with our product release lifecycle policy.

For more information Nuxeo DM 5.3

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