Nuxeo releases iOS and Android App

Nuxeo has announced the release of Nuxeo Mobile, now available in the Google Play store and within iTunes for Android and iOS devices.

Nuxeo Mobile is a customizable app that enables mobile access to a Nuxeo content repository, on premise or in the Cloud, from an iOS or Android device. With powerful content management features such as downloading, uploading, editing, and collaborating on content, Nuxeo Mobile offers flexibility and convenience for remote users of document management and content management applications.

For application developers and deliverers, Nuxeo Mobile also serves as a framework, with open source code, for building their own hybrid HTML5 / native mobile apps.

Key features of Nuxeo Mobile include:

  • Browse the Nuxeo content repository from any device (tablet or smartphone)
  • Preview content instantly within the Nuxeo app, without downloading
  • Open documents in your favorite mobile app (such as Quickoffice or iWork), edit, and save back to the Nuxeo repository
  • Upload new content, such as images, image libraries, and documents, from your mobile device
  • Collaborate with team members by adding comments, liking, and sharing content
  • Bookmark documents for quick retrieval either on the desktop or on the mobile device
  • Leverage extensive REST APIs to build business-specific logic and UIs.

Check out this video showing Nuxeo Mobile in action:


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