Nucleus CMS 3.50 has been released

The Nucleus CMS core development team has released Nucleus CMS v3.50. This release has serveral improvements and a lot of bug fixes.

Two new plugins are delivered with the core System: NP_Text eases the translation of Skins and NP_SecurityEnforcer improves the security of the core. Some new skinvars are added. The first step to an universal SQL API is done. Some changes are made to make Nucleus CMS compatible to PHP5.3.

You can find a full list with the new features in the extented part of this item. An online version of the change log can be found here.

There are no urgent security fixes in this release so that you have not to hurry up. But we recommend to update so that your blog software is up to date and work with all plugins.

List of all new features in Nucleus CMS 3.50:

  • Officially end support for PHP4, though no effort has been made yet to implement any PHP5-only things, so it is likely to work in PHP4 still.
  • Start moving toward use of complete sql_* api for access to database. This should allow easier use of other backend db engines, like pdo or sqlite, but only MySQL will be officially supported in 3.5. Plugin developers should start making their plugins support the sql_* api once 3.5 is out and builds an install base. (supportsFeature SqlApi)
  • Ping removed from core completely into NP_Ping
  • NP_Text included and installed by default
  • New API events to allow for some password checking and failed login attempt limits
  • NP_SecurityEnforcer included with core to make use of above events
  • Plugin help file now links to english and japanese plugin repositories
  • New variables:
    • <%catiscurrent%>, <%currentcat%> – Category List, yes if category is currently selected, otherwise no
    • <%sticky(itemid,template)%> – skin var, simple sticky (or display item anywhere)
    • <%archiveyearlist(template,category,limit)%> – skinvar, list archives by year.
    • <%otherarchiveyearlist(blogname,template,category)%> – skinvar, list archives by year for given blog
  • Active check in admin page for new nucleus version including alert if newer version is available.
  • selectSpecilaSkinType() function added to globalfunctions to permit selecting a special skin part in an index file
  • New variable $CONF[‘ActivationDays'], settable manually in config.php, to customize how long users have to activate account.
    default is still 2 days.
  • Some changes to handle oddities of PHP5.3
  • Various bug fixes.