Now extend CMS Made Simple effortlessly with Packt's new book

CMS Made Simple Development Cookbook is a new book from Packt that will help readers build new modules and tags, and use the built-in capabilities of CMS Made Simple to their fullest. Written by Samuel Goldstein, the book is a practical guide with over 70 simple yet unbelievably effective recipes to extend CMS Made Simple.

CMS Made Simple, an open source content management system, allows for faster and easier management of website content. This CMS is scalable for small businesses to large corporations.

CMS Made Simple Development Cookbook starts off by showing the reader the basic differences between the various kinds of tags and modules in the CMS Made Simple environment, and to which purposes each is best fit. Readers will not only learn the basics of creating tags and modules, but will also explore the underlying APIs that they will use to solve real-world website problems . It offers developers an amazing wealth of knowledge in approachable, bite-sized recipes.

Further reading will help them create tags to achieve such varied tasks as filtering content and interacting with web services. A hands-on collection of recipes for extending CMS Made Simple, with detailed explanations – useful for beginners and experts alike. Overall, this book contains valuable tips and information that will help users create a richer CMS.

This book is ideal for programmers who want to develop for CMS Made Simple or CMS Made Simple users wanting to expand their skill set. The reader is expected to have working knowledge of PHP, HTML, and SQL. Some experience with CMS Made Simple is recommended. To learn more about the book, please visit