NodeBB v0.1.0 Released

The sleek, robust and open-source forum software known as NodeBB has just released its latest update, NodeBB v0.1.0.

NodeBB is a powerful platform offering single sign-on, social network connectivity, and responsive design which transitions fluidly from desktop to mobile device. Additional core features include streamed discussions, instant updates, notifications, and more.

Now, with NodeBB v0.1.0, users of the platform will get the benefit of a handful of new updates, making their lives as forum administrators easier than ever before. So, let's take a look at what's new.

Improved Notifications, Plugins & Mobile Layouts

NodeBB v0.1.0 bring about a number of fixes to both the internal and external functions of the platform. The main ones of which are:

  • Better handling of notifications (including a new notifications page)
  • Better plugin support with the addition of new hooks
  • Improved mobile layout
  • NodeBB pages are now more search engine friendly
  • Theme installation now easier than ever
  • Many changes in the administration panel will now take effect immediately, without the need for NodeBB to restart

These impressive updates, which NodeBB users can now enjoy immediately after they update their software, are but a few from amongst many more.

For the full list of NodeBB enhancements, and to also see what’s coming via future updates, take a look at NodeBB's Version History & Roadmap.

Closed Beta Announcement & An Exclusive CMS Critic Offer

On top of the long list of improvements brought about by NodeBB v0.1.0, news has been announced that NodeBB's premium hosted platform has now officially entered closed beta. 

NodeBB's premium SaaS (Software as a Service) platform allows anybody, irregardless of their technical ability, to build their own NodeBB community. All you have to do in order to test out the beta, is email NodeBB via “” and express your interest.

If you wish to claim 30 days of NodeBB's premium platform for free, simply mention CMS Critic in your email request. 

For more information on NodeBB v0.1.0, you can visit the official release notes. To learn more about NodeBB as a forum and community solution, check out their official website