Newscoop 3.5.3 CMS Released for Journalists

Newscoop 3.5.3, the open source content management system for professional journalists, was released by Sourcefabric on May 19th. Three is the magic number for Newscoop 3.5.3, with 33 bug fixes ranging from the powerful search interface, to the wysiwyg article edit screen, to the installation process itself.

Community bug reports led to a detailed examination and improvement of the way Newscoop handles lists of articles. A couple of issues relating to user permissions and selecting articles have been dealt with, but perhaps the most significant improvement relates to searching for content in translated issues. Search now pulls up all content from translated issues meaning it’s easier than ever before to manage multilingual sites.

Improvements to the TinyMCE editor performance mean article creation is now more stable. Reported bugs involving the HTML button unnecessarily cleaning code for embedded objects and an occasional failure to save content were identified and zapped. Upgrading also no longer creates an occasional error in the TinyMCE editor.

Newspapers interested in freemium, paywall or enhanced content models will be pleased to know ReCaptcha for Newscoop’s subscription feature is now implemented – bye-bye bots! Blog listings (blogs, entries, comments) were also improved with new pagination and a link to blog entries list added to make finding content easier.

Finally, install, login, backup and restore – the cornerstones of your system engineer’s happiness – all continue to be improved in an effort to make everything on the backend safer and easier to use.

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