Newscoop 3.5.1 released!

On 18th February 2011, Sourcefabric announced the release of Newscoop 3.5.1. Formerly known as Campsite, Newscoop takes Sourcefabric’s decade-long experience of making tools for news organisations (not to mention the many years before that of actually working in the industry), and builds an open content management system for professional journalists.

Newscoop introduces some of the most powerful geolocation tools ever seen in an CMS, a modern new graphical interface, and a powerful templating engine capable of producing anything from HTML 5 to mobile.

Newscoop 3.5.1 was released as a security update to 3.5 and fixed an XSS vulnerability in the admin login page plus front end vulnerablities to Cross-Site Scripting attacks. The full changelog can be found here.

Key features of Newscoop 3.5.1

  • Geolocation tool. Map out your content, using point and click or GPS data. Data can be displayed using Google Maps, Mapquest Open or OpenStreetMap.
  • Credit multiple authors and manage their bio, image and information in one central place.
  • Content can be structured in news-friendly issues, sections and different article types.
  • Templating. Produce anything from HTML5 to mobile, or use our new range of custom-built magazine and newspaper templates.
  • Overhauled GUI with new drag and drop widget dashboard (add Google gadgets, RSS feeds, image archives and more) and Article Edit page.
  • Page caching engine, speeds up your pages by between 8-50 times over uncached speed on production environments. Especially useful for VPS hosts where APC or memcached is not available.

More information can be found on the Sourcefabric Website.