New Wix Editor Features Help to Make Images The Focus

Wix, the world-famous website builder, has unveiled some new features for its editor that help you bring images into focus, stretch galleries, and more.

The cloud-based website builder powers over 80 Million websites, and had offices across the globe. Thus, any update that Wix rolls out is certain to impact the way millions of people control their websites.

Here's a video explaining the key points of this update.

Crop, Zoom, Filter

The new Wix Crop Tool enables you to enhance your photos by re-sizing, focusing or magnifying any image that you drag-and-drop into place. It's done in typical Wix-fashion, with no large windows popping up or new tabs to switch to.

Furthermore, you can then modify your photos by applying filters, a little like sprucing up an Instagram photo before publishing it. Wix offers up 18 different filters, one of which is “3D”.

As for galleries, Wix now lets you “stretch” them. In other words, you can make them cover the entire width of the screen, instead of stayed boxed into the boundaries of your theme.

New Contact Forms, Feedback Requests & More

To go along with the Editor update, Wix has brought in a few new contact form templates, and gave users with languages that read from right-to-left a helping hand by enabling them to toggle the order of text on their site menu.

Also, the “Get Feedback” feature has returned to Wix, making it easier for you to send your website as a preview to friend and family for feedback, before anything goes live. A small, but handy re-addition.

All in all, I think it's fair to call this a solid update from Wix. Little additions to the Editor feature set like this will only please existing users, especially since they're getting new functionality without their Editor getting any more complex.

To find out more about this update, check out the Wix blog.

And as always, be sure to check out the Wix hub on our CMS Directory.