New version or Redaxscript has been made available

Release 0.4.0 introduces another milestone, focusing on latest web technologies such as HTML5 and CSS3, getting rid of outdated browser and their limitations. Enjoy the mobile friendly environment – break free from your desktop and manage your website using any mobile or tablet device – keep in touch with your visitors anytime.

mobile device

Driven with the intention to tread new paths by breaking traditional concepts, the existing admin dashboard has been removed and replaced by an admin panel and overlays docking into your website.

WYSIWYE – what you see is where you edit – enables a novel approach to manage content.

admin panel

Since Redaxscript 0.4.0 includes a built-in frontend framework – dreams of every web developer are met. An innovative on-demand loader handles to join, minify and output multiple CSS and Javascript files as needed.

loader file

Online demo

You are going to experience limited permissions and XSS filters:

Feature list

  • Simple installation wizard
  • Builds contents lightning fast
  • Search engine friendly environment
  • Fluide and elastic grid layout
  • HTML5, CSS3, RSS2 and ATOM1 compliant
  • Media queries powered mobile support
  • On-Demand JS and CSS loader
  • Built-in frontend framework
  • Module system with hook points
  • Advanced user and group permissions
  • Bundled with the latest jQuery
  • Ultra lightweight WYSIWYG editor
  • Multiple language and template support
  • Available in over 20 languages
  • Extensive setting options

More info: