New Startup brings new Admin, Monitoring & Doc Management to Google Apps

Revevol, which has already deployed more than 700,000 Google Apps licenses in 17 countries and 4 continents, has announced the creation of Revevol Apps, a new subsidiary based in San Francisco dedicated to developing web-based applications that will help more mid- to large companies migrate to Google Apps.

Revevol Apps will be run by CEO Stéphane Donzé. Donzé was formerly head of research and development at Exalead, a search-based application company acquired by Dassault Systemes for $160 million in 2010.

Revevol Apps products, which will be announced in the coming months, will focus on administration, monitoring, document metadata management, user experience and integration across applications. Revevol Apps products will allow customers to take full advantage of the cloud’s power to dramatically improve their operational efficiency, productivity and overall performance.

Revevol Apps products are being developed on Google App Engine, Google’s Web platform designed to build and host applications. Google App Engine allows for fast development, simple administration and effortless hosting of web-based applications – including applications designed to integrate with Google Apps for Business. This cloud-based and native integration results in an optimized user experience with an excellent level of security and performance provided by Google’s infrastructure.

“As a specialist in cloud computing technologies, we see Google App Engine as the most advanced, flexible and agile platform in the market,”said Stéphane Donzé, CEO of Revevol Apps. “Capitalizing on years of experience, our parent company, Revevol, has identified user demands that are not currently covered by existing products. The creation of Revevol Apps allows Revevol to address these needs as a software publisher. Revevol Apps looks forward to working with Google to help even more companies take advantage of cloud computing.”

By offering a new range of innovative applications that complement Revevol’s technology partner product portfolios, Revevol further facilitates the migration to Google Apps.

“By launching Revevol Apps, we are seeking to augment and complement our existing catalog of products and services, rather than competing with the excellent solutions we are already selling with our technology partners. Our goal is to exceed our clients’ expectations by focusing on a strong synergy between our expertise, Google Apps and the applications we will be building. Revevol Apps will make it easier for businesses to move more quickly and easily to the cloud,” says Laurent Gasser, CEO of Revevol Group.

About Revevol
Revevol Apps is a new U.S. based subsidiary of Revevol. Revevol advises and assists clients in their adoption of Cloud technology. Founded in 2007, focused on “Pure Cloud Strategy”, Revevol has assembled a superlative offering of SaaS* solutions and PaaS* custom development capabilities through partnerships with leading technology providers. A pioneer in the market, Revevol has unparalleled technical, advisory, and change management experience. A Google Apps reseller, Revevol has deployed more than 700,000 Google Apps licenses (Enterprise and Education). With a presence in 17 countries on 4 continents and a unique, global, network of Certified Trainers, Revevol services the demands of multinational organizations.
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