New Stable Release of SilverStripe CMS & Framework Available

Some exciting news for those of you who love to play with open source content management systems and for anyone running previous version of SilverStripe CMS.

With this new release of version 3.0, SilverStripe has been graced with a beautiful new admin interface for the CMS. Take a look at some of these SilverStripe 3 Screenshots to see what I mean:

silverstripe 3 silverStripe 3 – Drag and Drop

silverstripe 3 SilverStripe 3 – Grid field List

silverstripe 3 SilverStripe 3 – Media Editor

silverstripe 3 SilverStripe 3 – Media Popup

silverstripe 3 SilverStripe 3 – Page List

Pretty impressive looking isn't it? I'm certainly eager to get my hands on it and do some testing / fiddling. According to the SilverStripe team, this new UI is the result of usability testing that was performed and judging from the end result, they've definitely made some excellent improvements (at least visually, functionality remains to be seen but expect a review soon).

A couple of other interesting changes cited in the release announcement:

  • List-view for page editing helps to structure site parts that have a lot of content and sub sites, such as the blog, in a user friendly way without rearranging the site tree.
  • To embed media from YouTube, Flickr, Vimeo and many other sites, the administrator simply inserts the item's URL and the CMS will import it automatically.

Of course, we love videos and here's a good one that really gives you a good idea as to how the new system works:

To learn more about this release, visit SilverStripe.