New Sitecore Release Provides More Functionality to Build Compelling Web Experiences Easier and Faster

Today, Sitecore announced the availability of a new version of its Web Content Management (CMS) software. Sitecore CMS 6.2 offers features including native RSS feeds, Microsoft Outlook based workflow management, drag and drop media and document management, authoring enhancements and advanced marketing Web forms, offered as part of the CMS solution with the latest product upgrade.

Many organizations are successfully expanding their revenue, membership and service levels with Sitecore’s CMS solutions. Sitecore offers the architecture, power and personal usability to work within any organization to deliver results through Web properties and campaigns.

“To keep pace and excel in today’s marketplace, websites have to provide more than just content and marketers and content editors demand more capabilities to stay competitive,” said Darren Guarnaccia, VP Product Marketing, Sitecore. “The latest version of Sitecore CMS gives our customers the tools to deliver websites that compel visitors to take action”

New in Sitecore CMS:

Web Forms for Marketers: The new Web forms puts marketing teams in complete control of the forms creation, campaign integration and optimization processes. The tool allows non technical users to build rich interactive forms, configure campaigns and conversion goals and provides a suite of reports to better understand user behavior for usability analysis and optimization. The tool also allows marketers to capture incremental data from abandoned forms and track form dropout statistics.

Outlook Based Workflow Management: New Outlook integration allows users to receive workflow notifications from within Outlook in real-time, and take action on those workflow requests without ever having to log into the CMS. All workflow actions, status and version comparison information is provided to the user, and dynamically adjusts should a workflow state change.

(WebDAV) Media and Document Management: Drag and drop image uploads are now available – upload files from a users
local computer to the media library without upload wizards. Files can be uploaded directly in the page editor and can be stored within Sitecore CMS. Files can also be edited with native applications such as Microsoft Word, Photoshop and PowerPoint and version controlled automatically.

Inline Word Editing: Natively edit content inline using full Microsoft Word functionality with full support of rich content pages.

More info: Sitecore Announcement