New release of Contensis brings new extensions and productivity tweaks

There is a new release of Contensis' Content Management available that brings with it a number of additional modules / extensions as well as some solid productivity tweaks.

Here is a breakdown of some of the new changes / additions:

  • The newly released Social Media module for instance, allows users to roll out Tweeting internally while also allowing the Tweets to be vetted before they go out. This is only the first version of this module but they are also promising future updates to include Google Plus and Facebook functionality.
  • The addition of post rating and comment reporting has also been introduced in this version and, while a small change, it certainly is a welcome one.
  • The integrated JW Player has been upgrade to allow for HTML 5 fallback if a device cannot support flash.

From productivity point of view, the following is a sample of some of the tweaks that have been made:

  • Submit and approve as part of document upload.
  • Global default setting on “include in menu”, “a-z”, “search” and “sitemap”.
  • Improved menu management screen – click and drag.
  • Re-worded and better ordered context menu items.
  • Add a message on “submit for approval”.
  • Re-synchronise a folder at any level in both the master and slave trees.
  • Hover-over tooltip on navigation tree items now gives information about who has the item checked out.
  • Moved the project title to be more visible and is better associated with the navigation tree. This creates more space in the nav tree to allow for additional items to be visible.
  • If content is checked out a user can select “email me when this is checked in”.
  • Made some minor adjustments to the dashboard to make things clearer – see if you can spot them.
  • New “Quick Search” addition to the top bar to more easily navigate to content.

For a full breakdown of all of the new features and changes, visit: