New release candidate for ImpressCMS 1.1.2

The latest release candidate of ImpressCMS 1.1.2 is out. This release incorporates the following changes:


  • User was logged out if they double-clicked on the Administration Menu link
  • CAPTCHA was being bypassed on the registration form
  • Activation key was not in the activation emails being sent to the administrator group
  • WYSIWYG editor was being used for several text areas where it was inappropriate


  • SMARTY was updated to the latest version – 2.6.22
  • Password encryption method can only be changed if the site is open and allows you to access the reset password page
  • Database factory improvement by GiJoe, providing more protection against SQL injections when Protector 3.30+ is installed


  • SimplePie RSS generator

For a complete list of changes, read the changelog.