New OpenCms 8.0.3 available from Alkacon

OpenCms 8 has made the work of a content editor easy as never seen before. Everything you need to create beautiful web pages is within reach on the page itself.

With OpenCms 8 new or existing content can be created or added with the Add Wizard by drag & drop. Content can be edited directly on the page with OpenCms 8's built-in editor. The used template or the appearance of an element can be changed with a mouse click. Lists are generated on the fly and arbitrary JSPs are added as Dynamic Functions.

Favorites lists can be created with OpenCms 8's built in clipboard to short cut workflow.

With OpenCms 8's Sitemap Editor entire website structures could be built from scratch within minutes from a set of predefined, reusable model pages and navigation is built automatically from the website structure.

Version 8.0.3 of Alkacon Software's successful open source website content management system OpenCms 8 is now ready and available for download from

With the introduction of “Function Pages”, JSP based dynamic pages can be added with simple drag and drop in the sitemap editor. JSP function elements can now have multiple formatters to be used in different containers.

The sitemap editor's improved “Create Page” dialog offers a wider choice of types distinguishing “Container Pages”, “Type Pages” and “Function Pages”. It is now also possible to select the page model when using the sitemap editor's context menu option “Create sub-page”. The available container page models can be accessed for editing directly from the “Create page” dialog in the sitemap editor. Additionally the sitemap editor executes the “Show page” action if the page icon in the sitemap is clicked.

ADE Galleries have been improved with a text search field to directly search for “Galleries” and “Categories”. Uploaded elements are now directly visible in the Galleries and the improved upload process translates filenames to avoid special chars but preserves the title property.

The Image Gallery now allows selecting images directly with double-click and offers a simplified scaling mechanism and an improved link selector.

An element's option bar now displays “Resource is currently locked” icon in ADE when resource is currently edited by another user in a multi-user scenario.

The classic OpenCms workplace now features a sophisticated mechanism to keep the internal link structure intact when a folder is copied.

With version 8.0.3 OpenCms now supports the latest PostgreSQL “stable release” version.

As true open source software, OpenCms is free of licensing costs.