New JotForm PDF Editor Automates PDF Creation

JotForm announced today a way for users to automatically generate designed, professional-looking PDFs whenever someone submits a response to an online form.

The product, JotForm PDF Editor, addresses a major pain point. Many JotForm users wanted the information they collected turned into a presentable, document format. But doing so typically required them to copy and paste the information into a new document manually.

JotForm PDF Editor, on the other hand, automates the process. It allows users to start by designing how they’d like the final PDF to look, with the ability to add sections, customize colors, drop in images and logos, and choose fonts.

Then, when the submissions roll in through their online form, the PDFs generated in JotForm PDF Editor are quickly sortable, with options to download, print, or share the new documents  instantly.

“Our users told us about wanting a better way to present and distribute their form data,” said Aytekin Tank, JotForm founder and CEO. “Our new PDF Editor makes the entire process significantly easier. The best part — anyone can use it, even without any technical skills.”

Another big benefit to using PDF Editor is the seamless integration into Google Drive, Box, and Dropbox. Newly-created PDFs send automatically to any of these storage services so teams can quickly view and sort through the files.

PDF Editor also simplifies e-signature collection. Any signature sent through an online JotForm form can be designed neatly on a new document automatically. And because JotForm forms are simple to fill out using any device, that means agreements, waivers, and contracts can be signed on the go.

Other features include:

  • Option to create fillable PDFs
  • PDF password protection
  • Over a hundred pre-made PDF templates

JotForm and its new PDF Editor are free to use. JotForm has provided a quick way for users to create and publish online forms since 2006, but PDF Editor takes a leap toward making the data collected by users more actionable and presentable.

The new product is expected to be used by a wide range of users, including medical professionals for intake, HR departments for employee evaluations, teachers for acquiring parental permission, and much more.

Learn more about JotForm PDF Editor at