New Jive Connector with Alfresco Makes Social and Enterprise Cross-Platform Publishing a Reality

Alfresco, the open platform for social content management, and Jive Software announced the release of the Jive Connector with Alfresco, enabling cross-platform publishing between Alfresco and Jive. With the integration, customers can leverage best of breed social business technology with best of breed enterprise content management (ECM), making enterprise content both social and organized. The Jive Connector is available immediately as an add-on to Alfresco Standard and Enterprise subscriptions here.

The Connector enables cross-platform publishing through a collaboration that delivers enterprise-class repository functionality to Jive content, allowing Alfresco content to behave as native Jive content. Users in both platforms can create documents in Alfresco and publish them in Jive, or create in Jive and publish in Alfresco.

Managing and integrating enterprise and social content has long been a difficult task, and most organizations have settled with using separate systems. Now Alfresco and Jive customers can choose to work and share information to both platforms easily and securely. Customers can manage their content and publishing of their content in Alfresco and easily socialize their content in Jive.

“As more businesses require social business capabilities to support their bottom-line growth, the integration of Jive with Alfresco delivers on a major necessity in today’s market,” said John Powell, CEO of Alfresco. “We’re excited to be delivering best-in-class enterprise content management combined with Jive's industry leading social business technology, giving way to even more robust possibilities in social content management.”

Alfresco and Jive originally partnered in March 2011 to bring together best-in-class content management and social business software for overall improved functionality and capabilities for today's businesses.

“Today's enterprises have established infrastructures for document management, but the new way to business requires the ability to socialize that content,” said Matt Tucker, CTO and cofounder of Jive Software. “Through this partnership, the Jive Connector with Alfresco enables a true social content management system to make social and enterprise cross-platform publishing a reality.”

Benefits and features of the Jive Connector with Alfresco include:

  • Cross-Platform Publishing – creates content instantly in both Alfresco and Jive and publishes documents to both platforms. In addition, when in Jive, users can bring in existing Alfresco documentation and work on the platform of their choice all while taking advantage of the features of both systems through the integration.
  • Common Database and Taxonomy – uses LDAP to utilize the common user store database to ensure consistency of authorship.
  • Standards Based – employs the CMIS interface to provide a standard enterprise content management API supported by Alfresco for the primary interface for the Jive and Alfresco integration.

Together with SolutionSet (an Alfresco and Jive partner), Alfresco and Jive collaborated to deliver the Jive Connector to provide the first true Social Content Management platform, making enterprise content both social and organized.

The Jive Connector Toolkit is available to Alfresco Enterprise customers only, from the support portal. For more information on the toolkit, visit