New GOSS software to help with efficiency savings and management of marketing campaigns

Today sees the launch of GOSS iCM (intelligent Content Management) version 9.1, the latest upgrade to the market leading Web Content Management Solution built by GOSS Interactive.

The solution allows public, private and third sector organisations to drive efficiency savings into their business by delivering more services online and understanding how website visitors use a website, resulting in potential savings of up to £3 million for some GOSS clients.

Powerful forms extensions

Savings can be realised by the deployment of interactive forms on websites and mobile devices with staff able to process submitted from data within GOSS iCM. Website visitors can submit forms and keep check of the status of their progress with a powerful “My Account” Module.

GOSS iCM makes traditional PDF forms redundant and could well replace specialist form packages and Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) integration, thus delivering significant savings in back office costs.
A recent survey published by GOSS, showed that 72% of the UK’s largest charities still use PDF forms on their websites for potential donors, fundraisers and volunteers to complete. GOSS iCM now provides a clear path for all such interactions to be delivered online in one dynamic solution.

Marketing metrics

Additional functionality sees Google Analytics tightly integrated into GOSS iCM. Analytics are displayed alongside page details to allow content contributors to see how their page is performing, make informed decisions about what could be improved and track the success of changes made.

Rob McCarthy, CEO at GOSS Interactive comments; “The latest innovations in GOSS iCM have come as a result of user community feedback. Our new forms capabilities, which came free with version 9, has now been extended so that users have much more power to process submitted data. Services that go thorough multiple steps can also be managed in GOSS iCM, with feedback passed to the website user in real-time.”

“The integration with Google Analytics is the first step to enable digital marketers to gain insight and control of their marketing campaigns. This is part of a focus on assisting businesses to gain value from user journeys, metrics and campaign success.”

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Additional functionality in GOSS iCM v9.1 includes:

Forms data browser

This allows for forms data to be processed by staff, all in GOSS iCM, without having to use expensive CRM systems or specialist forms packages. By using the powerful forms package that comes with all new installations of GOSS iCM, businesses can create service processes for delivery online.

Data entered on a form by a website visitor is stored in GOSS iCM and can be viewed and handled by users in a number of ways.

Marketing dashboard

A tight integration of Google Analytics with GOSS iCM allows analytics to be displayed alongside each page of content. This unique view will give content authors and Marketeers valuable insight into how their content is consumed by site visitors.

External content search

Further enhance related content with external links and media. This tool allows users to search the web via Bing (or other content repositories like SharePoint or Flickr) for related links and media, import them into GOSS iCM and add them to a website, from one simple interface.