New ExpressionEngine security update released

There has been a new ExpressionEngine version released to fix some critical bugs in ExpressionEngine 2.1.2. This includes fixes for the Discussion Forum module.

Here is a full list of the changes:

  • Added a special hidden fieldtype to allow modules to dynamically define tab fields without breaking layouts.
  • Pages Module Updated to version 2.2 to fix an error with publish page layouts.
  • Fixed a bug where a PHP error could be triggered if the publish_form_entry_data hook was used.
  • Fixed a bug (#14792) where the Forum version was incorrectly identified.
  • Fixed a bug (#14723) where category and status dropdowns on the Edit page were not populated in Internet Explorer.
  • Fixed a bug (#14786) on the Publish page where field formatting options would not show nor would they respect default settings.
  • Fixed a bug (#14794) where publishing an entry with a live view template resulted in a PHP error.
  • Fixed a bug (#14785) where you could not successfully save an entry with a required image field.
  • Documentation: Updated to use __construct in development examples; fixes #14787.
  • Documentation: Developer Guidelines Checklist still referenced PHP 4.3; fixes #14789.

Grab the latest release from your download center on