New Enhancements to ButterCMS’ Collection Builder and more

ButterCMS is designed to be the ideal content management system (CMS) enabling developers to use any technology and programming language and for marketers to produce new content independently.

An an API-driven CMS (also known as headless), ButterCMS has a pre-defined data structure optimized to handle a variety of content allowing  developers to integrate it with any tech stack and speed up development. Using tools such as React, Angular, or any other framework of their choice, developers can build a frontend that can act as an easy-to-use interface for marketing teams. As a result, non technical users, content editors and marketers can easily create and edit content.

For the marketing teams, it is extremely important to have a custom user interface where they can track their activities and plan for future tasks. With an API-driven CMS, marketers can specify and define their business requirements and needs through a flexible user interface.

The power of an API-driven CMS lies in its ability to simplify content management without users having to worry about the underlying data structure. Here are some product updates ButterCMS has made since our last post, to provide a smoother content management process:

Collections Capabilities

ButterCMS unveiled major improvements to their collections, which are similar to databases with various content types that can be stored and fetched when required.  In ButterCMS, the collection builder has been upgraded to a single page application with a much quicker response time, which makes setting up collections a fast and smooth process.

ButterCMS has updated the collections user interface to provide a more consistent experience when creating and managing items within the collections. You can now make updates, clone and delete collection items and view your entire content history.

There are more capabilities when it comes to fetching content out of your collection with the newly added parameters to the collection end point. In addition, ButterCMS has refined the format for filtering content in your collection.

Scheduling Pages

Another big capability Butter has added is scheduling pages, by allowing you to pick a specific date and time for your content to go live. This new feature gives content editors more control and flexibility to coordinate releases of content such as scheduling a blog post to go along with a major announcement you have on your site.

Export Blog Posts

ButterCMS also recently launched their export blog post function which facilitates the download of all your blog post data into an excel file. You can now download all your blog posts and conduct an SEO analysis to improve your ranking with this feature which is an important tool for all content marketers.

ButterCMS is a highly effective and functional API-driven CMS offering flexibility and cost reduction. The content dashboard is a centralized platform complete with content management responsibilities and faster customization. Butter gives marketing teams the CMS they've always dreamed of without creating a hassle for developers.