New CoreMedia 7 Release Brings Allows User to Create Contextual, Mobile and Social Customer Experiences

By Mike Johnston February 13, 2013 (Updated: May 31, 2013) News & Headlines

CoreMedia has announced the latest release of their web content management platform, CoreMedia 7, which brings with it a host of new features and benefits for current and future customers.

CoreMedia 7 Key Features and Benefits:

  • Embrace a Mobile-first World – CoreMedia enhanced CoreMedia 7 with more advanced and comprehensive mobile publishing options than any other system on the market. Companies can create unified experiences across all mobile channels and delivery models – Web apps, native apps, responsive Web pages and legacy devices. CoreMedia 7 can adapt to any visitor on any channel, providing contextual and social content support on any mobile device.
  • Make Cloud Computing Work for the Enterprise – CoreMedia 7 allows enterprises to deploy to the cloud while maintaining security integrity, visibility, scalability and control. With this release, CoreMedia goes beyond the limited “cloud ready” capabilities of other WCM platforms to put the best of cloud technology to work, making it easier for businesses to deploy portions of their implementations in the cloud. Furthermore, businesses have the flexibility to choose any cloud deployment environment, whether it be on-premise, cloud, virtual or hybrid.  
  • Support Social Interactions – CoreMedia 7 arms companies to seamlessly manage content generated from two separate sources, internal and external. The platform deeply integrates CoreMedia’s Elastic Social software, which leverages NoSQL architecture to help enterprises easily scale to support growing social conversations. CoreMedia 7 also includes advanced social tools for interacting with community members, publishing social content and moderating activity.
  • Deliver Highly-Contextual Content – Today’s business decisions are driven by content with context. To make customer interactions profitable, businesses must deliver the right content to the user at every stage of the customer journey. New features in CoreMedia 7 make it easier for all users to create highly-targeted, contextualized experiences for current and potential customers.
  • Empower Users Across Departments – With this release, CoreMedia optimized CoreMedia Studio, its editorial hub for business users, to incorporate a customizable user dashboard and over 70 performance and usability enhancements. Using a single, intuitive information-based editorial interface, business users can design customer experiences – moving way beyond the traditional page-based tools. They can launch new online web properties, campaigns and microsites quickly without IT support. CoreMedia 7 also more deeply engrains Blueprint, its rapid Web development solution, offering a wealth of out-of-the-box solution components and pre-configured templates that is already proving to dramatically reduce implementation times.


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