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Moxi9 Store Front Goes Live

Moxi9 Store Front Goes Live

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Moxi9, recently re-branded from PHPfox, has unveiled its official store front.

The community CMS has a long history under the name of PHPfox, but are now looking to evolve under the banner of Moxi9.

Although the Moxi9 Store is still technically in beta, users can begin to use it freely. Currently, the store offers a range of modules and themes, along with a couple of language packs.

3rd Party Products & Instant Downloads

Developers rejoice. If you want to submit your 3rd party Moxi9 product to be listed for sale, you can.

Plus, the Moxi9 store offers a fully integrated checkout for 3rd party products. Once customers have made a purchase, they get access to a download link, allowing them to download products immediately.

Moxu9 store

Additionally, each product comes ready with its own public forum, where customers can discuss and ask questions about the product in question. In addition to user-user based support you can also contact the developer via email.

Moxi9 has told of plans to,”fill up the Store” over the next few weeks.

The first store products were being approved as of last week, and although Moxi9 have admitted their testing policies are currently slowing the process down somewhat, they fully expect products to begin flowing freely before too long.

In any case, as of right now, you can check out the new Moxi9 Store.

Also, be sure to explore more of Moxi9 via our CMS Directory.

CMS & Marketing / Moxi9 Store Front Goes LiveLast updated on January 5, 2019
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