Moving from WordPress to Cascade Server for Better Content Governance and Compliance


For over a year, HCC Medical Insurance Services utilized WordPress for their content management needs. Recently, however, it became evident that using a number of plugins and an outside vendor was ineffective and prevented the company from efficiently updating their corporate website. The usage of shortcodes to build content blocks and to style content on a page resulted in a high number of poorly coded and poorly presented pages. Considering that healthcare is a highly regulated industry, HCCMIS worried about compliance with regard to the content published out to their website. The compliance approval process often resulted in delayed content releases, sometimes to the point where the content was no longer relevant by the time it was approved.


As HCCMIS decided to upgrade to an enterprise CMS, the most important objective was to gain full control of their web content. Creating and editing content needed to be placed in the hands the Subject Matter Experts. In order to meet this objective, proper workflows had to be put in place to streamline the process of content creation, compliance approval and final publishing. Another goal was to speed up content creation through the extensive use of reusable blocks, which would also generate greater consistency from page to page, resulting in an improved visitor experience.

CMS Evaluation Process

During the CMS evaluation process, HCCMIS reviewed several content management products and performed a side-by-side comparison of features. This was followed by an ROI analysis to show which product would be able to provide a positive return to HCCMIS over a three-year period. The team presented those reports to the executive team, and Cascade Server was recommended based on future potential for growth and the ability to leverage the system to grow the value of the HCCMIS marketing department within the overarching umbrella of HCC companies. According to Bill White, senior developer at HCCMIS, Cascade Server’s enterprise capabilities proved to be the clear winner for this healthcare organization.


While it had taken HCCMIS more than two months with an average daily input of three hours to put the 700+ pages on their site into WordPress, moving the same site into Cascade Server was much easier. Once the templates were built, 2-5 marketing team members, who were all non- technical, were able to migrate all 700+ pages from WordPress into Cascade Server within three weeks working one to two hours a day on the migration, with as little as 5% as many requests for technical help as compared with the WordPress implementation.

HCCMIS was able to overcome compliance issues with the help of Cascade Server’s ability to track all changes to content and provide a full history of page content by date of revisions. With Cascade Server, HCCMIS can now quickly reproduce what a visitor on the website would have seen on a specific date in the past. Reverting back to previous versions in Cascade Server can be accomplished with just two clicks, much to the delight of the Compliance department.

The Subject Matter Experts at HCCMIS are now empowered to manage their own web content. Workflows have been put in place for compliance approval, and the use of content blocks allow HCCMIS to maintain branding consistency throughout their site.

Upcoming Projects

HCCMIS started the process of completely redesigning their site at the same time that the marketing team moved the old site into Cascade Server. Handling both projects simultaneously was not an issue due to Cascade Server’s content reuse capabilities. The new site will be more user-friendly and utilize responsive web design. In addition, HCCMIS intends to further customize its compliance approval workflows.

Can Cascade Server Help with your Content Management Needs?

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