MovableType 5.2 now available

Movable Type has announced version 5.2 of their CMS, which is now available for purchase on

This new release comes with a few new features, which is sure to please existing customers. These features include a new rich text editor (based on TinyMCE), new security features and added support for PSGI and Nginx followed by VM images and new Windows Platform (Azure).

We haven't heard much from the MovableType PR team for quite some time so it's good to see they are still alive and kicking.  While still a reasonably well used platform in Japan, MovableType has lost quite a bit of it's former foothold here in North America so it's good to see they are putting the focus back on getting into the public eye here.

I've always found the platform interesting and compelling so it's good to hear they are still working on improving it and making things better. For those who prefer, there is also an open source edition which you can grab from as well.