mojoPortal Released

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A new release of mojoPortal has been made available. From the release announcement:

This is a minor release with just a few bug fixes, the primary purpose of this release is to fix a problem in our Shared Files feature and in our alternate File Manager when running under Medium Trust hosting. In the previous release of version we had changed to strong name signed assemblies for NeatUpload and for the NeatUpload Greybox Progress bar.

This strong signed version of NeatUpload allows it to be installed in the GAC (Global Assembly Cache) on the server so it can work in Medium Trust, but there was a bug in the previous release because the NeatUpload.GreyboxProgressBar.dll was not compiled with the AllowPartiallyTrustedCallers attribute so it caused an error under Medium Trust. This release addresses that problem, it just required adding the needed attribute and re-compiling the NeatUpload.GreyboxProgressBar.dll. Since most shared hosting uses Medium Trust we felt it important to get a fix out for this quickly.

Fixed Bugs

  • Fix error under Medium Trust in Shared Files and in the Alternate File Manager
  • Fix bug in SQL CE data layer when creating new sites
  • Fix bug where file manager did not overwrite existing files
  • Fix redirect bug in Search Input that could happen on blog detail pages
  • Fix bug in blog when using google maps (this bug was introduced in version when we added an option to use Bing maps in the blog)

Other Stuff

  • Upgrade from CKeditor 3.5 to 3.5.1
  • Updated Italian resources from Diego Mora
  • Updated Persian resources from Asad Samarian
  • Updated Portuguese (Brazil) resources from Fabio Mastaler
  • Updated French resources from Yves Jadin
  • Updated German resources from Jan Aengenvoort
  • Updated Spanish resources from German Barbosa
  • New partial Arabic translation from Sameer Alomari


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