MODX Revolution 2.6.2 Released

MODX Revolution 2.6.2 has been released. This new patch release fixes a number of bugs and offers a few enhancements to the system.

Here's a list of the changes in this release:

  • Display context name and key in Context dropdown
  • Only save properties modified from the default for an element in Property Sets
  • Replace usages of each() to avoid deprecated warnings in PHP 7.2
  • Prevent adding ./ to filepath when in root of a mediasource
  • Fix error with getonline processor on systems with only_full_group_by sql_mode
  • Prevent logging errors for comments or empty tags
  • Fix typo preventing verbose CURL option from being set in modRest
  • Prevent http headers from being overwritten in modRest
  • Fix sending messages to wrong recipients in message/create processor
  • Stop sending too much data on package install request
  • Add events permission to Administrator policy on new installs
  • Remove max width from the tree sidebar
  • And more.

For a full list of changes, check out their announcement post.