MODx Revolution 2.2 release brings a refined Manager, easier Blogs and News Posts

The latest release of MODX Revolution has been made available. Version 2.2 promises to be one of the biggest releases yet. According to the MODX development team, they've spent alot of time working to refine the manager and administration interface to make the system more aesthetically pleasing and easier to use.

A highlight of some of the new features:

  • Media Sources unlock the possibilities of where you can store your site files to include Amazon® S3 or potentially something like Dropbox® (development required)
  • Static Elements enables developers to store site elements on the filesystem
  • Custom Resource Types allow developers to move beyond one-size-fits-all documents and create custom types such as blog posts, events, biographies tailored to the content type.

Taking the publishing side of things even further is the introduction of a new blogging, news and publishing add-on called Articles, something they claim will make you ditch your old stand-by blog tools. Complete with built in importers to enable you to import WordPress, Blogger and other MODX blogs with more importers coming soon, this certainly sounds like an impressive new set of functionality.

There are far too many changes to write about here and for that reason, I suggest you peruse the upgrade notes for more information.

A quick summary of the new features:

  • Media Sources: You're no longer restricted to your local server. Media Sources allow you to connect your File tree to anything – a separate directory, Amazon S3 bucket, and more
  • Static Elements: Store all Elements (Chunks/Snippets/Templates/etc) on the file system or elsewhere, allowing you to edit them wherever you please
  • Custom Dashboards: arrange and specify a custom welcome page in the manager, as well as create and get new dashboard widgets
  • Major User Interface (UI) Improvements including a much cleaner look and feel and much faster load times
  • Added Import/export of Access Policies and Policy Templates for site builders and administrators. This means you'll be able to set them up once and reuse policies on other sites and projects.
  • Script or command line based installation and upgrades for folks who really want to get their geek on.
  • Many under-the-hood improvements to manager making it easier and a better experience for developers to extend.
  • Added ability to develop Custom Resource Types-no longer just the default resource types you can have resources specifically based on purpose such as a blog post type, gallery type, forum type, events and more
  • Added search to enable you to quickly locate any documents by keyword—right from the top the Resources Tree, no more scanning and hunting for those old articles.
  • Improved parser efficiency and execution, added over 600 Unit Tests, other core optimizations
  • Over 160 issues resolved, tons more bugs fixed

Check it out here: MODX Revolution