MODX Revolution 2.2.9 Released

The popular, open-source platform MODX Revolution have today released version 2.2.9 of their CMS, alongside a significant Software Development Kit distribution.

The SDK distribution includes “ext-all-debug.js and ext-base-debug.js”, which developers should find handy. These distributions, along with a summarised list of the main updates introduced by Revolution 2.2.9, can be seen below.

What's New

Creative Freedom is the slogan used by MODX, and version 2.2.9 of their platform aptly gives their strong fan base that extra bit of creative power, through means of SDK enhancements and other upgrades. These include,

  • Improved Manager experience and performance
  • Ext JS has been upgraded to, which supports IE10 and fixes several IE9 and IE8 bugs
  • Ext JS debug support has been added to the SDK distribution
  • Increased stability with an xPDO upgrade and several bugfixes

Revolution 2.2.9 also introduces patches to help bolster security, fix bugs and enhance the user interface. For a full break-down of the changes brought about by Revolution 2.2.9, you can check out MODX's complete changelog file.

MODX Revolution 2.3 Incoming

Perhaps the most exciting aspect relating to the release of MODX Revolution 2.2.9, is that it has been accompanied by the news that the very next update, will be the eagerly anticipated Revolution 2.3.

MODX have claimed that “Amazing things” are to be expected from the approaching update, which will only fuel the flames of anticipation for MODX users everywhere. 

To find out more about MODX Revolution 2.2.9, or to delve deeper into the features we've mentioned above, check out MODX's official release notes. Alternatively, you can cut to the chase and simply download MODX Revolution 2.2.9 here.