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MODX Revolution 2.2.12 Released

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The latest version of MODX Revolution has been released today, containing a couple of bug fixes for the popular open source CMS.  For those running MODX (and those looking to do so) it is highly recommended you update your system as soon as possible to ensure full stability of the platform.

From the release announcement:

Revolution 2.2.12 was released today. It includes two bug fixes including one affecting the phpThumb library that ships with Revo. In addition, it eliminates the bug with the alert notifying users to confirm navigation to prevent losing unsaved changes. 2.2.12 also includes update language files and copyright updates to 2014.

As this release contains fixes that improve stability and the Manager UX, we recommend upgrading all your sites. If you're using MODX Cloud, this just takes a couple clicks.

A full changlog of the fixes within this release is available here: MODX Changelog

If you are not familiar with MODX, the are the winners of our People's Choice Awards for Best Open Source CMS for the 2013 Critics' Choice CMS Awards (see

CMS & Marketing / MODX Revolution 2.2.12 ReleasedLast updated on January 5, 2019
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