MODX Revolution 2.0 has been released

MODX, LLC, has released its flagship web content management platform, MODX Revolution 2.0. This release culminates years of effort to completely reinterpreting its award-winning popular Open Source Content Management System (CMS).

MODX Revolution is a customizable content management platform. It is built on a modern, object-oriented core with a fully documented API for developers, sits on top of a robust database Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) layer powered by its sister-project, xPDO (

“Revolution represents more than three years of work reinventing our classic code base,” said Ryan Thrash, CEO of MODX and the project co-founder. “We looked at what was available in both the Open Source and Commercial worlds and thought we could create something truly special and different. We did, and now we're sharing an amazing platform for consuming APIs, managing content and creating custom web applications with the world.”

Like previous releases, MODX Revolution 2.0 gives visual designers complete control over the design, content structure and overall usability. Since design is an integral part of user experience and aids in communication, MODX leaves how the site will look, how it's structured and how it behaves up to the project experts. MODX does not impose any restrictions whatsoever in these areas.

Organizations can harness MODX Revolution's power, flexibility and extensibility that is synonymous with prior releases, with the performance, stability and security of enterprise-level content management applications. This includes a new caching system to improve page loads, handle more content and even leverage proven external caching mechanisms like Memcached. Further improvements include security hardening with proactive cross-site scripting prevention (XSS) and input sanitization.

MODX Revolution 2.0 boasts an all new Manager interface built using the Revolution API itself and ExtJS from Sencha. It can be customized to offer a tailored experience for site managers and editors. Features like a drag-and-drop content tree, the ability to incorporate files on the filesystem as content and linking to external content in the content structure, means controlling content is encompassing and unrestricted.

MODX Revolution 2.0 further introduces Contexts which offer a way to run multiple websites, different language versions, provide additional organizational structure, or even a custom Manager interface. Contexts bring another layer of flexibility and capability to MODX developers.

“Revolution is our future,” said Thrash. “To borrow from Spinal Tap, it takes everything people love about MODX to eleven. Not only that, but it can be  tailored to your exact requirements even changing how it functions while still maintaining an upgrade path for future versions or migration from our classic code base.”

The latest release of MODX Revolution be downloaded for free at