MODx Revolution 2.0.2 Brings a Little More Speed and Lots of Little Fixes

The Revolution 2.0.2 release contains over 80 bugfixes or improvements. Here are the highlights:

  • More optimizations to the Manager to improve usability and speed, including faster load times.
  • Manager tree now remembers where you were on refresh so you don't have to keep clicking the tree.
  • Improved Rich Text Editor support, especially in multi-context environments.
  • Improvements Package Management so installing add-ons works correctly and smoothly in most environments.
  • Improvements to image nails and nail caching in the MODx Browser.
  • Template Variables using @bindings now work as they should.
  • Added the ability to tab to the next editable field in System Settings (and other autosaving grids)
  • Fixed issue where fields revert to original values after save