MODx releases Revolution 2.2.5 - Improves Media Sources, Caching & More

The popular open source CMS, MODx, has seen an update with the release of MODx Revolution 2.2.5. This update promises improved Media Source function, Caching enhancements and a handling to prevent blank pages occurring on some older hosting environments.

Here are the highlights of the 2.2.5 release:

  • Media Source fixes with Elements and Static Elements
  • Corrected Media Source errors with modParser->getElement()
  • Corrected Media Source errors with static element paths
  • Optimized cache refresh query, big boost for sites with large Contexts, on MySQL 5.1 or earlier as well as addition cache fixes.
  • Added support for environments not supporting flock causing blank pages due to corrupted cache files
  • Corrected various Resource editing bugs related to changing template
  • ResourceGroup restricted TV's losing value when edited by users w/o access
  • Form Customization rules now applied when changing Template
  • Changing Template no longer unsets Empty Cache for Resource
  • For more details read the complete changelog

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