MODX releases Revolution 2.1 with Microsoft SQL Support

The development team at MODX have been hard at work and have released the next major version of the Revolution series. MODX Revolution 2.1 is officially out and includes Microsoft SQL support natively.

“Now you can run MODX Revolution on a full Microsoft stack including Microsoft SQL Server. This is a tremendous opportunity for MODX Solution Partners in being able to sell into environments dominated by commercially licensed software and servers,” said Ryan Thrash, CEO of MODX, LLC. “Microsoft shops should also realize major benefits from our software: an agile web content platform, total creative freedom and a reliable upgrade path between releases. They get this backed by a solid company with Commercial Support and an SLA, making for a very boardroom-friendly choice.”

IDC reported Microsoft Windows leads in server share with 48.9% of revenue in Q1 2010. Microsoft invested companies can benefit from the most flexible Open Source content management platform while working with the servers and infrastructure already in place, leveraging existing in-house talent, expertise and tools. This leads to cost savings, mitigates risk and delivers faster ROIs by eliminating platform shifts.

Gianugo Rabellino, Senior Director, Open Source Communities at Microsoft shared,

“We are extremely happy to see the spark that began with PHP developers working side-by-side with Microsoft developers grow into a release that offers full support for SQL Server and the Microsoft stack. For us, this release is another milestone on our journey towards greater interoperability. Enabling choices for developers and businesses was the ultimate goal of last November's SQL Server JumpIn! Camp and it is exciting to see that goal realized in this release of MODX. We thank the MODX team for their commitment and cooperation in making this milestone a possibility.”

MODX Revolution 2.1 also improves website performance with a restructured and optimized caching layer. This dramatically increases page load speeds for website visitors, reduces server load and enables far better scalability across multiple servers and data clusters.

A significant change in MODX Revolution 2.1 is the removal of thousands of lines of deprecated code that reduced the size of the software by 35%. With this change it is important for website management teams to test existing websites before deploying upgraded websites on Revolution 2.1. For organizations that need assistance validating their sites, MODX recommends working with a MODX Solution Partner (

MODX Revolution 2.1 is available for free from Commercial Support for MODX is available from For more information about MODX see and for up to date news about MODX visit:

About MODX Software

MODX Revolution is a flexible, extensible Open Source content management platform. Winner of Packt Publishing’s Most Promising Open Source CMS (2007), tying for 2nd for Best Overall PHP CMS (2009), and 2nd Runner Up for Open Source CMS Award (2010), MODX software allows anyone with a browser to manage their website as easily as sending an email.

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