MODX Cloud Updated, More Servers On The Way

MODX Cloud users can now enjoy enhanced workflows, a more pleasant user experience thanks to bug fixes, and a more future-proof platform.

The cloud platform now serves sites via PHP 5.6.x and nginx 1.8.x. Most sites should perform faster thanks to improved opcache and code efficiency.

Other highlights include:

  • Improved documentation for SSL, nginx rewrites and overall organization.
  • Improved reliability and behavior of robots.txt when the same domain was accidentally added to multiple times or to multiple Clouds.
  • Fixed a bug with next invoice display for some users.
  • Solved a bug where some users had blank pages requiring a refresh when Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) was enabled.
  • Updated the billing system to accommodate the upcoming launch of Private Servers.
  • And finally, don’t forget anyone can test sites running under SSL for free when building new projects on the internal c000X.paas… MODX Cloud URLs.

More Data Centers Coming

MODX also sureyed users recently, asking where in the world they would like to see the next data centre.

Frankfurt was apparently the winner by a large margin, and so MODX have identified it as their next server location. They also plan on setting up in London, Austrailia and Canada.

For more information on this release, check out the official announcement

Also, be sure to explore more of MODX via our CMS Directory.