MODX Cloud Update: An Improved Backup Process, Dashboard Changes & More

MODX Cloud has hit its users with another update, this time bringing in dashboard improvements, an improved backup and restore process and enhanced documentation.

MODX Cloud is the hosted version of MODX, which allows users to build websites using MODX servers, the most recent of which was unveiled in Frankfurt. MODX Cloud provides optimized infrastructure, automatic backup management, and other benefits.

Better Backups & Dashboard Vault Space Reports

Users of MODX Cloud can now restore backups to any Cloud instance. This is useful if you need to grab a file from a few days ago that accidentally was deleted, but you’ve made changes to the live site since then you’d rather not lose.

Finally, the Vault space usage report has returned to the Dashboard. You can now see how much space you’re using for Snapshots and Backups. It appears at the top of the Vault page. One of the first plan upgrades we’ll offer is extra storage space, so there’s no need to worry about exceeding their plan limits.

Here's a summary of all the other updates:

Making CMS Accessible

Previously, I covered MODX's charitable project which aims to make the Internet more accessible for those who need it.

Most (if not, all) content management systems don't cater to those who require assistive technology or assistive features in order to build websites or apps, and that's what MODX is trying to change.

The good news is, the company has raised just under $40,000 in the way of this cause. The not-so-good news, is that it needs at least another $10,000 in order to achieve the $50,000 goal.

Click here to donate.

For more information on this MODX update, check out the official announcement.

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