MindTouch - May the 'SalesForce' Be With You

All of us would love to create the perfect product that never needs support. Realistically even extremely user friendly products generate some questions and do “gasp” break at times! Providing great support can make a good product even better. MindTouch is upping their already remarkable support game by adding integration with SalesForce.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7xcG3QhCNNM?rel=0&w=560&h=315]

MindTouch, the company dedicated to creating the world’s best self-service help experiences, announces that its social help system now integrates with SalesForce.com Help Desk and support ticketing to dramatically improve support agents’ efficiency and customers’ help experiences.

The MindTouch social help platform is revolutionizing the user manual and SaaS customer experiences through a web-based environment that includes a knowledge base, help center, ticketing integration, and help button. Agents using CRM and web-based support ticketing systems have instant access to MindTouch powered help articles and knowledge base assets, thereby speeding time to resolution for customer issues. For support agents using SalesForce.com, MindTouch enables them to quickly pinpoint customers the most relevant content and to easily publish new content to the MindTouch knowledge base, as well as identify gaps in product documentation assets–all without ever leaving the SalesForce interface.

“Salesforce.com views customers as database fields, but exceptional customer experiences are not delivered by a handful of database fields. This is precisely why many of our customers have asked MindTouch to improve Salesforce.com by integrating our social help center,” said Aaron Fulkerson, founder and CEO of MindTouch. “Our customers are upgrading their customer experience and support tenfold by adding MindTouch. Quality customer experiences aren’t just about responding to support requests, it’s about delivering an experience that turns users into product experts and customer advocates.”

  • Faster support resolution (lowered support cost): Support agents provide faster resolution with the help of recommended articles and real-time search delivered by MindTouch adaptive search, a powerful search engine that indexes articles, comments and even the contents of file attachments to suggest the best content for any question.
  • Happier customers: 65% of software users prefer self-serve help (2011 TNS research). Users do not want to wait for a support response or be forced to sift through forums. MindTouch enables users to self-serve effectively.
  • Create experts and advocates: Context-rich help delivered just-in-time maximizes user learning and satisfaction, rapidly creating experts to advocate products and brands.

Find out more at www.MindTouch.com