Microsoft enters the Open-Source Content Management scene with Oxite

Microsoft has released an early version of Oxite, it's Open-source Content Management App geared towards developers who build large blogs or expansive websites.

A simple blog engine written using ASP.NET MVC, and is designed with two main goals:

  • To provide a sample of ‘core blog functionality' in a reusable fashion. Blogs are simple and well understood by many developers, but the set of basic functions that a blog needs to implement (trackbacks, rss, comments, etc.) are fairly complex. Hopefully this code helps.
  • To provide a real-world sample written using ASP.NET MVC.

The framework offers many features common in blogs, including pingbacks, trackbacks, anonymous or authenticated comments with the option to moderate comments, RSS feeds for any page and a Web administration panel.

One of the key objectives appears to be the ability to add or create new pages with ease. While it could become a competitor down the road for blog engines such as MovableType and WordPress, that doesn't appear to be the focus at the moment.

More info available at the Microsoft Oxite website.