Melody 1.0 Beta 2 now available

After a short delay, Melody 1.0 beta 2 is finally available for download. This is an exciting release, not just because Melody is now more stable than ever before, but because they have made some exciting new enhancements as well. You can see full details in the release notes but here are some of the highlights:

  • New User Interface. A small issue existed which prevented a number of Melody users from seeing Melody's new UI. If you are running Melody today for example and you see a Movable Type logo in the upper right hand corner, then you will definitely want to check out Beta 2, because the UI might not be new, but it will be new to you!
  • Classic Blog Theme Pack. Melody now comes with two bundled themes: DePo Clean and Movable Type's classic blog theme. In Beta 2 however they have converted Movable Type's “default templates” into a theme, which will provide designers and developers and excellent reference implementation when building their own themes.
  • Redesigned Manage Entries and Pages screen. They have made some revisions to the layout of the Manage Entries screen to make it more useful and users more productive when using it.New Manage Entries Screen
  • Quick Look for entries and pages. Work with a lot of pages or entries? Need to take a quick peak of one to remind yourself what it is about? Now you can with the Quick Look feature found next to each entry in the Manage Entries screen.
  • Fast republishing of entries and pages. Now from the Manage Entries screen, you can republish individual entries with a click of the button, without ever leaving the screen.

This release has over 200 bug fixes, enhancements and changes contributed by numerous members of the community many of whom contributed for the first time

And don't forget, they are only planning one more beta, so now is the time to download Melody and begin trying it out. If you encounter any problems they have folks standing by ready to help.

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