Melody 1.0 Beta 1 is here!

The Open Melody Software Group is pleased to announce the availability of Melody 1.0 for beta testing today.

For those of you who are not familiar with Melody, it is an open source content management and publishing system derived from the popular blogging tool Movable Type. Melody is for those who find value in belonging to, supporting and contributing to a community of helpful, passionate and devoted users, but it is also for people who want a secure, proven and high quality publishing environment for their personal web site or their business.

So what sets Melody apart from its predecessor, Movable Type? In a word — everything.

What makes it different and sets it apart is not just the name, the code or the features, but something much more fundamental. The software has been developed, maintained and supported through a proven process of open and transparent community based collaboration, a process that has produced so much of the great software we use everyday.

Melody is not your usual 1.0 release. Having been based on the Movable Type 4.34 code base it is a proven content management system that is highly extensible and customizable and has inherited the same secure, scalable and rock solid platform traits and benefits.

The new features include:

  • Comprehensive theme management and development
  • A new default theme, DePo Clean by Derek Powazek
  • Revision histories for entries, pages and templates
  • In page publishing of entries, pages and templates via AJAX
  • Numerous screen and menu revisions to make it faster and easier to navigate
  • Easier customization and extension of the system — no Perl or PHP needed

That process has already led to hundreds of commits and thousands lines of code contributions to continue the development of Movable Type 4.34 that Melody was forked from. Among these many contributions from our community are nearly 100 outstanding submissions from MT and the integration or bundling of a dozen plugins.

Download it or learn more: