MBC Chooses Magnolia CMS

Magnolia, the open source content management vendor that delivers simplicity on an enterprise scale, today announced that the Dubai-based Middle East Broadcasting Center (MBC), the largest media group in the Middle East, has turned to Magnolia’s Java-based Content Management System as their strategic platform for web and mobile content. Magnolia is to replace its Vignette/OpenText system.

Magnolia will support MBC in providing its 165 million viewers with easy access to current, attractively presented information, while simplifying the organization’s editorial processes. Magnolia’s cost-effective, commercial open source approach gives MBC the same features as proprietary alternatives, with the added flexibility to tailor the system to their needs.

“Given the fast pace at which MBC must cover the news, we are delighted that they have entrusted their websites to Magnolia CMS,” said Boris Kraft, President of Magnolia Americas. “We are especially proud that Magnolia was able to meet MBC’s stringent demands of flexibility, scalability, and speed, for quick turnaround of high quality, user-friendly sites.”

About MBC
MBC Group, the first private free-to-air satellite broadcasting company in the Arab World, was launched in London in 1991, and moved to Dubai in 2002. MBC now includes 10 television channels, two radio stations, several online platforms, and a documentary production unit.

About Magnolia Americas
Magnolia Americas, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Magnolia International Ltd, whose open source content management system delivers simplicity on an enterprise scale. Its outstanding combination of ease-of-use with a flexible, standards-based Java architecture has led to its adoption by enterprises and governments throughout the world, including ING, JBoss.org, Johnson & Johnson, Lloyds TSB, Sony, Seat, Unilever, and the U.S. Department of Defense. To find out more about Magnolia, including service, support, implementation, consulting, training, and our international network of qualified partners, please visit www.magnolia-cms.com.