Marketers Analyze, Optimize, and Personalize Websites Using New CommonSpot Release by PaperThin

PaperThin Inc., a leading cloud-based Web content management solution provider, today announced the launch of its CommonSpot™ Winter 2012 release. This is the first in the company’s strategy to issue more frequent releases per year using a new Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall naming convention. Geared towards marketers, features in the Winter 2012 release help marketers fully realize their Web strategies and drive high impact results. Key new marketing features include:

Visitor Context Rules—Marketers can easily deliver targeted content to site visitors based on the context of their Web activity, such as entering through a specific landing page, search term or referring URL; the presence of cookies from email campaigns or site actions; visits from a specific IP address, and so on. This provides for a more personalized visitor experience that drives higher conversions.

Google Analytics Integration—Marketers can conveniently view Google page analytics, graphs, and reports while authoring a page and use that insight to optimize content for better marketing results. Tied in with content’s version history, marketers can now see how changes to content affect analytics.

SEO Redirect Support and Vanity URLs—Appropriate SEO redirects are automatically created as content is moved or renamed within a site, thus preserving search engine rankings. Additional tools also allow marketers to easily create and manage legacy or vanity page redirects to improve branding or create short aliases for long URLs.

In addition to new marketing features, the Winter 2012 release also includes several platform updates (including Google Chrome and Mac Safari browser support, updated browser support for Firefox 10, and beta-level support for running under the Railo open source CFML engine), as well as numerous customer requested feature enhancements (such as multi-file uploads through a drag-and-drop interface, new reports to easily see all content scheduled for publication or expiration, improved cache management, and site performance options).

“This release represents a significant leap forward in our product strategy to deliver a continuously evolving and comprehensive suite of features that help marketers achieve impactful results from their digital marketing efforts while delivering outstanding Web experiences to customers,” said Todd Peters, president and founder of PaperThin.

About CommonSpot:

CommonSpot is a secure Web platform that includes a powerful content management solution, a suite of marketing solutions, Web 2.0 and social media apps, and an open-source application development framework that allow organizations to create world-class Web experiences. CommonSpot features a marketing suite that helps organizations increase site traffic, brand loyalty, and conversion rates. Its intuitive user interface allows everyday users to easily publish Web content via any delivery channel (social media, streaming media, video, mobile, etc.). And results from customers indicate that CommonSpot gives IT the ability to create and deploy tailored functionality 50% faster than the norm, and at half the cost—whether deploying out-of-the-box apps, designing new ones, or importing and exporting apps. Available on premises or in the cloud, CommonSpot serves as a Web foundation that puts power into the hands of marketers for amazing digital results.