Magnolia Selects Vaadin for Revamped CMS User Interface

Magnolia 5.0, the upcoming release of the Java-based open source Magnolia CMS, will have a new user interface based on Vaadin, the popular open source framework for Rich Internet Applications (RIA). Vaadin was selected after an exhaustive review and community discussion due to its agility, security, efficiency, theming, collaboration, and community backing.

The new Vaadin-based interface of Magnolia CMS will include full support for touch, mouse, and keyboard input, allowing Magnolia 5.0 to work on tablets and other touch devices. In addition, developers will be able to leverage Vaadin's Java packaging to create and share custom Magnolia extensions and modules without worrying about browser compatibility issues.

You can read more about Magnolia 5.0 in a blog post by Boris Kraft, CTO Magnolia: