Magnolia CMS 4.4 Empowers Enterprise Web Authors

Magnolia, the open source content management vendor that delivers simplicity on an enterprise scale, today announced the release of Magnolia CMS 4.4, with new tools that enable enterprise web authors to collaborate in the quick creation of professional-grade, multi-lingual sites.

New facilities in the Magnolia 4.4 release include collaboration controls to coordinate concurrent editing activities, convenient source language export and re-import of translated content, and multi-step forms that allow visitors to step forward and backward without losing their data. The new release also provides dependency management of content elements to assure that required data from various sources will be available when the page is published, non-immediate deletions so that an author can easily restructure a site and activate changes only once all activities are done, workflow controls for approval of deletions and undos, redlining to compare page versions, and web-based spell checker support.

“We are especially excited about our new collaboration and editing features, as they empower those who count most – the actual creators of enterprise web content,” said Boris Kraft, Magnolia CTO. “Previous enhancements had been aimed at developers using our templates to create custom solutions, and administrators setting up sites in multiple languages. This final rollout of our development cycle will have an even greater payback, by allowing enterprise content authors to collaborate in the efficient, cost-effective creation and translation of high-quality sites.”

Magnolia CMS 4.4 available for immediate download

Both the Community and Enterprise editions of Magnolia CMS 4.4 are available for download immediately. The Community Edition is a free open source download. Pricing for the Enterprise Edition, which includes additional features for large organizations, together with professional service and support, starts at $12,000 US.

To learn more about Magnolia CMS 4.4, download the Community Edition, or download a free 60-day trial of the Enterprise Edition, please visit